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Franziska Brandmeier


Quick Facts of Franziska Brandmeier

  • Full NameFranziska Brandmeier
  • Net Worth$19 million
  • BirthplaceBerlin, Germany
  • ProfessionActress
  • NationalityGerman
  • Height5’3 ft (1.61 m)

If you’re a fan of German films and television shows, then you must have heard about the 26-year-old actress Franziska Brandmeier. Franziska is the lead of the famous Andy Goddard film Six Minutes to Midnight.

Scroll down to know more about the German Actress. In this capsule, we discuss the details of Franziska’s early life, career, relationships, affairs, net worth, and overall achievements. Let us take a deep dive down her life.

Franziska Brandmeier Early Life

The German Actress was born in the year 1993 in the capital of Germany, Berlin. Franziska was born in a family of three and has no siblings. Franziska showed signs of becoming an actress from a young age. When she was only three years old, Brandmeier started taking ballet lessons. For high school, she attended Hamburg Drama School from 2010 to 2014.


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Additionally, Brandmeier graduated from Sachsenwaldschule Gymnasium Reinbek where she studied acting. After that, she took numerous drama seminars and got involved in theater workshops. Brandmeier is currently studying at the Friedrichshafen Zeppelin University. Along with that, she is also a member of the Drama Society.

Franziska Brandmeier Career

Brandmeier first started her career in 2009 when she played in the TV series The Peppercorns. After her debut, she appeared in the documentary drama The Children of Blankenese, the adaptation of Siegfried Lenz‘s Arnes Bequest. In 2010, Brandmeier appeared in the two episodes of the television series Emergency Hafenkante.


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Furthermore, Brandmeier kept transitioning from series to movies and appeared in the 2011 movie Burned Down. After that, she played in the TV series SOKO Munich once in 2011 and then in 2017. Additionally, Franziska appeared in an episode of 2012 series The Cop and the Snob.

Moreover, Franziska also made her debut in short films by playing in the short film For Lotte in 2013. The same year, she appeared in two other television series Arnes’ estate and Schimanski – Loverboy. After a year, Brandmeier played an episode in another series The Mountain Doctor and Murders in the North. In 2014, she also appeared in Kripo Holstein- Murder and the Sea and Katie Fforde.


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In addition to that, Franziska appeared regularly in a variety of series and films without taking any breaks. She bloomed as an actress. In 2015, Franziska appeared in the series The Boss as well as SOKO Leipzig. The next year, she played in “Murderous Silence”, “Tatort- Borowski and the Lost Girl” as well as “SOKO Wismar”.

Furthermore, Franziska’s recent appearances on television are her roles in Perfume (2018) and The Old Man (2019).

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Franziska Brandmeier Net Worth

The 26-year-old Actress has an estimated net worth of $19 million. Her profession as an actress helped her to amass her worth until now.

Brandmeier’s most renowned performance in the film industry is her role in the horror film Conjuring 2. This movie grossed $320 million worldwide with only a budget of $40 million. In addition to that, an actress in Germany earns 80,000 euros per year.

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Adding all these numbers, we can calculate Franziska’s total net worth. She successfully has accumulated her amount through hard work and dedication. Along with that, Brandmeier also received tremendous love and support from her fans.

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Franziska Brandmeier Relationships

Like most celebrities, Franziska Brandmeier too has maintained a low-key dating life. She is not spotted nor associated with any males. Franziska might be single but she can also be in a relationship with an unknown figure.

Moreover, Franziska’s social media is empty and doesn’t have any receipts about her dating life. If she is dating someone, then we can all agree to the fact that she is a pro at maintaining her privacy. However, fans do wish to know about her relationships. No information is disclosed about that what so ever.


Franziska Brandmeier

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