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Merritt Paterson


Quick Facts of Merritt Paterson

  • Full NameMerritt Paterson
  • Net Worth$2 Million

Have you ever wondered, how these movie celebs are able to live a lavish lifestyle without any worries? We wonder that too here so, today we are going to explore the Net Worth of actress Merritt Paterson.

Merritt Paterson gathered $2 million in her wealth and yes, we just hit you with a raw number. Let’s dive into detail about this staggering amount in the article below.

Merritt Patterson’s Net Worth and Salary

Paterson is a Canadian actress who accumulated the $2 million in assets over her long career. Merritt works in movies and TV shows which pays her a handsome amount of fee for her service.

Working in movies and TV shows, Merritt receives around $50,000-$100,000 on average. This is the average industry standard but as Merritt is a top actress and has worked in many big projects, she must be getting paid very well. And also as a model, her annual salary must be more than $49,200 annually on average.

Photo merritt paterson 5eef7eea2aeba
Merritt Paterson (right) shooting with the photographer Collin Stark (left).

The top A-lister actors get paid around $15 million to $20 million per film and working as secondary actors, it depends on the popularity of actors. In a TV show, Merritt has featured in hit TV series from which she receives around $30,000 to $50,000. This is just an industry average, Merritt might be getting more or less than a given amount.

Merritt Paterson’s Career

The Canadian actress started her TV Career in 2006 with a guest appearance in Kyle, XY. Merritt acted in other shows as well like The Hole, Supernatural, Life Unexpected, The Troop, Iron Invader, Pregnancy Project, and Christmas Cottage.

Paterson most notable role came as Olivia Matheson in the Pretty Little Liars‘ spin-off Ravenswood. She was in the series from 2013-2014. Not just that, Merritt Paterson got her mark among the fans with Ophelia Price in The Royals and The Art of More.

Additionally, her roles expand into films as well and have acted alongside top A-Lister actors. She worked with the likes of Jason Mamoa and besides that, her work in movies include Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Revel, Rufus, and Unbroken: Path to Redemption.

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Merritt Paterson’s Apartments and Cars

The 28-year-old actress owns an apartment in Canada worth more than $187,215. Canada is an expensive place and you need around $50,000 to comfortably live. So, Merritt must be earning something similar which allows her to spend in a quality life.

Where does Merritt Paterson spend her money? Well, to answer that question Paterson loves branded bags and Jewelry. Her collection includes Rag & Bone, All Saints, Zara, Aritzia, Nike, and Lululemon. These are thousand dollars collection she has in her apartment.

Besides that, she drives a luxury car but the exact brand is not known. However, the average price of luxury cars is $40,000 to $100,000. She might have the car worth a similar amount. Not just that, her satisfying income allows her to travel to exotic locations with her boyfriend.

Photo merritt paterson 5eef7eea7ca53
Merritt Paterson (right) with her boyfriend enjoying her holiday in Santa Monica.

With her hard work, passion, and dedication in her art, Merritt Paterson has created a quality life for her and her family.

Merritt Paterson

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